2021-2022 Annual Report

September 1, 2021 – August 31, 2022

Leading with Influence

As part of ASBA’s Strategic Priority 3, to have influence in all decisions related to education in Alberta, ASBA continued to foster relationships with all levels of government and facilitate sessions for members with the Minister of Education and ministry staff to raise the profile of member boards and trustees. Members additionally connected at our Fall and Spring General meeting to vote and pass several resolutions, which inform ASBA’s provincial advocacy.

Connecting and conducting business at Spring and Fall General Meetings

Member boards from across the province attended ASBA’s 2021 Fall General Meeting and 2022 Spring General Meeting to conduct business, engage in professional learning, celebrate award recipients and pass several positions related to:

  • Increased internet accessibility and quality
  • Ministerial approval for transfers from accumulated surplus 
  • Environmental education  
  • Inflationary pressure on contracted bus operators  
  • Kindergarten-Grade 6 draft curriculum revisions  
  • Fuel-Price Contingency Fund
  • Division II/III Learning Disruption Funding

These positions inform ASBA’s advocacy to the provincial government, which ASBA presents through a strong relationship with Alberta’s government and regular meetings with the Minister of Education.

Additionally, ASBA’s 2021-2022 Board of Directors were elected and sworn in at the Fall General Meeting.

Fall General
Meeting 2021

90% of respondents were satisfied with the FGM overall.

Spring General
Meeting 2022

99% of respondents were satisfied with the SGM overall.

Advocating for members through government legislation

ASBA advocated on various legislation and policy including Education (Students First) Statues Amendment Act, Infrastructure Accountability Act, COVID-19 Related Measures Act, Tobacco, Smoking and Vaping Reduction Act, Restoring Balance in Alberta’s Workplaces Act, Education (Reforming Teacher Profession Discipline) Amendment Act, Charter Schools Regulation changes, and potential Public Sector Compensation Governance model changes.

ASBA additionally provided feedback to government on items including the 2022 provincial budget, awareness of school board elections, school board autonomy and Alberta’s draft Kindergarten to Grade 6 (K-6) curriculum. Advocacy work remains a critical aspect of the Association’s mission to foster positive relationships with government and ensure the voice of member boards is heard and reflected in all emerging education priorities.

Unifying members through collaboration

Four engagement sessions were hosted by ASBA with member boards to gather feedback on the K-6 draft curriculum and implementation. This allowed for a cohesive and collective voice on the thematic scope of revisions needed for student and teacher success, and requirements for successful implementation. ASBA additionally had representation on government’s Curriculum Implementation Advisory Group to represent member boards on curriculum direction. ASBA was pleased to see government’s responsiveness to this feedback with a phased-implementation process.

Strengthening relationships with partners, stakeholders and fraternal organizations

ASBA regularly meets with our national and provincial education partners, fraternal organizations and education stakeholders to ensure alignment of work and advocacy efforts.

Election of ASBA President and Vice-president

As part of ASBA’s 2021 Fall General Meeting, member boards elected Marilyn Dennis as President and Shali Baziuk as Vice-president.

“It is an honour to have been elected by ASBA’s membership to serve as their new President. I look forward to continuing to fulfill the Association’s mission of promoting and serving member boards in supporting student success. As I move forward in this esteemed role, I assure all members—as well as my Board of Director colleagues—of my commitment to ensuring school board trustees have ample support and resources, when and where they need it.”

“It is my privilege to be elected as ASBA’s new Vice-president and have the opportunity to serve alongside ASBA’s new President, in support of members. I am eager to continue the great work of the Association, and chair its various committees, as we empower school boards to govern in support of the diverse educational needs of all students.”

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